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Automatic Motorhome Satellite TV Dish installation


If you already have a satellite dish system, we can fit yours for you. Please contact us with your system and we will be happy to help.

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Maxview Seeker Motorhome Satellite TV Systems

Digital TV

Maxview's new Omnisat Seeker Wireless system has been designed with the user in mind. Simple to use, easy and flexible installation options with elegant and modern styling.

The ultimate in convience along with its latest features surpass any other automatic satellite system available on the market.

The unique wireless backlit LCD control panel features animated display icons feeding back antenna status to the user at all times. The wireless feature allows unlimited mounting options and easy installation, making unsightly cable runs and fixing problems a thing of the past.

The control box comes with unique versitile mounting brackets offering flexible installation options and can be coupled with any satellite receiver (not supplied) to give the ultimate package

The Omnisat Seeker Wireless - A sophisticated, modern and innovative solution.

Available with either a 65cm satellite dish for use with receiving Freesat channels in the UK and Central Europe, or the larger 85cm version for an extended coverage area.

- Low Streamline Profile 17cm
-"Easy Adjust" Manual Skew Skew
- Twin LNB as standard - Designed for use with SKY+ receiver or free to air receiver with hard drive recording. Alternatively can be used to feed two separate receivers for independent working
- Robust design solution utilising the latest advances in Computer Aided Design and Simulation software
- Complete with all installation cables and accessories - plug and play

- 12V operation
- Maximum 2A consumption during search
- Average search time: 30-60 seconds typical
- Automatic lowering ignition safety system
- High Quality 0.2db Universal Twin LNB
- Stores up to 15 satellites
- Pre-programmed with satellites including Astra 19.2E, Hotbird and Astra 28.2E
- Control Box allows any Satellite Receiver to be connected

- Antenna Unit Weight - 10kg (65cm) 11 kg (85cm)
- 65cm/85cm Offset Aluminium Antenna
- 36dB gain (65cm) 38.1dB gain(85cm)

- Sleek modern styling
- Wireless or hard wired (included) as standard
- Backlit LCD display
- Stand alone or magnetic wall mount bracket (included)
- Simple to operate
- Clock/Temperature display

Supplied and Fitted from:
Maxview Seeker Twin LNB 65cm £2100.00
Maxview Seeker Twin LNB 85cm £2200.00

Mecatronic Motorhome Satellite TV Systems

Mecatronic Satellite Dish

Mecatronic Satellite Dish


For many people, a folding dish is still the best way to get satellite TV in their vehicle or boat. A large dish can mean a bigger reception range and, if height is an issue, a folding dish’s lower profile is an advantage.

The new range of folding systems from Mecatronic brings a whole new level of sophistication and performance to automatic satellite TV systems and yet prices are no higher than other manufacturers’ basic models.

These systems are designed to perform reliably and faultlessly for years. Top-quality materials, superb design and up-to-the-minute electronics help to achieve this and Mecatronics software ensures that operation is simple, safe and reliable.

Operating voltage: 12V / 24V
Dish type: Off-set oval dish
Dish size: 68cm & 80cm
L.N.B. type: Universal (suitable for digital and analogue transmissions)
Dish colour: Cream
Search method: 10 Satellite IDU (In-Door Unit)
Search controller dimensions: 185 x 130 x 58 mm
Satellite search options: (available satellites will vary according to geographical location) Astra 2 (N & S) / Eurobird 1, Astra 1, Hotbird, Astra 3, Atlantic Bird 3, Hispasat, Thor, Sirius, Eurobird 9A, Turksat 2A, Eutelsat W2
Receiver options: Can be used with any satellite receiver including SKY receivers.
Weight of dish & motor: 17 Kgs
Current consumption during search: Approx. 1.5 Amps
Current consumption when in use and search completed: Approx. <0.1 Amp
Dish height when down: 68cm - Approx 19cm • 80cm - Approx 20.5 cms
Warranty: 3 years

Options of Twin LNB on both systems

Supplied and Fitted from:
Mecatronic Satellite Dish 68cm - single LNB £1599.00
Mecatronic Satellite Dish 68cm - twin LNB £1799.00
Mecatronic Satellite Dish 80cm - single LNB £1699.00
Mecatronic Satellite Dish 80cm - twin LNB £1899.00

Oyster Vision II & III Motorhome Satellite TV Systems

Oyster Satellite
Oyster Satellite

Oyster Satellite
Digital TV

Satellite Reception gets even easier still!

•Dependable fast pivoting head technology
•Weather resistant construction
•User-friendly controller
•Compatible with all European receivers
With the VISION II & III we are offering the easiest way possible to stay in touch with what`s happening around the globe. This receiver-independent system gives you everything from the UK whilst you are away at the touch of a button.
A new concept in automatic satellite reception, the slim-line wedge shaped control panel can be mounted in any vehicle, inside a cupboard or out.
The panel shows a map of Europe divided into three zones for your location, Northern, Central and Southern. Follow the 1-2-3 instructions and select the relevant zone for your location, the Oyster will automatically seek and lock onto the correct satellite for your receiver (DVB-compatible, i.e. Digibox for British TV)
All you do then is watch your favorite programmers.

With its unique user friendly control unit all you do is:

1) Turn on your Television
2) Turn on your Receiver
3) Turn on your Oyster

The Oyster Vision systems, consist of the following:

• 65/85cm Fully Automatic Dish
• Twin or Single LNB
• Vision 3 with auto skew/Twin LNB as standard

Supplied and Fitted from:
Oyster 65cm Vision II £1795.00
Oyster 65cm Vision II twin LNB £2050.00
Oyster 85cm Vision II £1995.00

Oyster 85cm Vision II twin LNB £2225.00
Oyster 85cm Vision III Twin LNB/Auto skew - £ 2395.00

Teleco Flatsat Easy Motorhome Satellite TV Systems

Teleco Satellite

Teleco Flatsat
Teleco Dontrol Panel

Teleco Sizes
Digital TV

Stand-alone pointing system with wall-mounted control panel, it can be coupled to any Satellite Receiver . Especially suitable for connection to SKY receivers.

The FlatSat system is available in three dish sizes – 50cm, 65cm and 85cm diameter

The size required depends on which geographical areas you wish to view satellite television. Each dish will cover most of central Europe & UK, however the larger dishes also provide coverage if traveling towards Eastern and Southern Europe.

As poor weather conditions can also impair reception we recommend buying the largest dish that fits your budget.

•Automatic safety system with antenna lowering upon vehicle start-up
•Average satellite search time 30-60 sec.
•Re programmable software for future upgrading
•Dishes with Universal LNB for receiving Analog and Digital programs. 12 Volt battery supply
•Consumption: 35 Watts approximately during satellite searching, 15 Watts approximately during reception with antenna not moving.
•Drive unit weight: 16 Kg approx.

•Aluminum mounting plate which allows you to transfer from vehicle to vehicle
•Direct connection to a 12 Volt battery

Easy to use

•Just press 1 key to align with the satellite.
•Average satellite search time: 60 seconds.

•Re programmable software for future upgrading
•Dishes with Universal LNB for receiving Analog and Digital programs.
•Stores all the most important satellites: Hot Bird, Astra1, Astra 2, Atlantic Bird3, Hispasat, ( Thor ) Astra 3, Sirius
•The safety system closes the antenna automatically upon starting the vehicle


1.Flat Sat Easy 50: 49 x 45,5 cm - Down Height 15cm
2.Flat Sat Easy 65: 72 x 67 cm - Down Height 17cm
3.Flat Sat Easy 85: 91 x 85 cm - Down Height 17cm

Supplied and Fitted from:
Teleco Flatsat 50cm
Teleco Flatsat 65cm £2030.00
Teleco Flatsat 85cm £2145.00

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