Oyster Vision 3 Twin LNB - Auto-skew Satellite TV systems

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Oyster® Vision 85cm 3 Twin LNB – Auto skew


Receiver independent version for customers using their own receiver (eg. Sky box) or using a TV with integrated satellite receiver (eg Avtex).


Specific features Oyster® Vision

• Very simple operation

• Innovative swivel-head technology

• Fully automated satellite searching and aiming

• 85 cm antenna dish for optimal reception range

• Automatic satellite swap by channel change

• LEM technology: Last Elevation Memory for reduced search times (antenna searches at the elevation angle of last reception)

• Automatic retraction at vehicle start (terminal 15 must be connected)

• Highest quality construction using robust materials

• Aerodynamic design for low wind resistance (in the retracted state)

• Weather and hail-resistant construction



Product group

Automatic satellite system


Manual / automatic aiming

Automatic satellite aiming

Manual aiming, possible

Automatic satellite finding and identification

Automatic satellite switchover when changing programmes



Dish diameter / dimensions Ø 85 cm

Height ~ 22 cm

Weight of external unit  ~ 12 kg

Weight of mounting material and accessories ~ 3 kg

Control unit (W x H x D) 15,1 x 4,6 x 11,5 cm


LNB and SKEW equipment

TWIN SKEW, electro-mechanical


Power supply

Connected voltage (on-board voltage) 12 V / 24 V

Max. current draw during satellite search 7 A

Current draw (reception mode) 15 mA

Current draw at standby on 12-V on-board system normal / power-saving (direct connection) 15 mA



Operator panel V5

Dimensions operator panel (without mounting frame) W x H x D : 11,8 x 7,1 x 0,8 cm

Dimensions operator panel (with mounting frame) W x H x D : 12 x 7,3 x 1,9 cm


Scope of supply

Oyster® external unit

Mounting plate

Operator panel and control unit

Connecting cable kit, operating- and mounting instruction


3 years warranty and reliable service

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