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Designed to reduce the chance of stored water freezing up by warming the water sufficiently to prevent freezing up of tank.

The stainless element is simply installed by nutting through side wall of tank 55mm (2 1/8") up from base, preferably near pump outlet. Without additional insulation the element alone should prevent 45 litres of water freezing at temperatures down to 25C.

Larger capacities may need additional insulation of tank to protect to this level (Tank wrap & Styrofoam). To save battery power consumption, use tank insulation wrap to reduce heat loss from tank walls. This will make the element's job easier and will therefore be on for reduced times saving a lot of power, while providing much better protection.

We recommend illuminated on / off switches are installed with both elements to confirm power is off as their work is not visible.

Both elements are powered by 12 volts DC supply at 30 watts and consume 2.5 amps. Suitable for plastic and metal tanks but not fuel tanks.

Automatic element
DFE-02 has inbuilt automatic thermostats, turning it on at approx. 5C and off at 10C.
Stainless element size: DFE-02 200 mm long x 18 mm diameter.

Additional manual element
DFE-01 manually switched de-frost element is fitted to larger Systems to supplement the DFE- 02 during very cold weather, when additional protection is required, it is simply switched on.
Stainless element size: DFE-01 115 mm long x 15 mm diameter.

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