Omni directional aerial and directional aerials which will pick up Digital TV signals.
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Glomex Horizon Digital / Analogue TV Antenna
A high-performance, electronic directive antenna for all frequencies plus digital terrestrial TV – D..
Glomex Oasis 2 Omni-Directional TV Antenna
The most compact aerial on the market today, really high-performing in UHF (channels 21 to 69). Omni..
Maxview Gazelle Pro 360 degree TV Aerial
Streamlined Omni-directional aerial designed to receive all available analogue and digital terrestri..
Status 330 Omni-Directional TV Antenna
Designed for mobile use, the STATUS 330 satisfies a number of important criteria, whilst overcoming ..
Status 570 and 580 Directional TV Antenna
Producing a Directional Antenna to carry the STATUS name was not an easy task. This new antenna need..
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