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Producing a Directional Antenna to carry the STATUS name was not an easy task. This new antenna needed to satisfy some critical criteria whilst providing the levels or quality, performance and design expected. Roof mounted over a locker or wardrobe, the 570 and the 580 is the ultimate in mobile TV reception.

We have designed an efficient, wide-band, log periodic dipole array which incorporates specially designed telescopic antennas, the S570 and S580 produces exceptional performance across all UHF, VHF and FM signals.
One of the most significant features of the S570 and S580 is the setting up and positioning of your antenna when you arrive on site.

Firstly we had to overcome the problem of receiving horizontal and vertical signals with an antenna fixed to a mast mounted through the roof. Our solution is to incorporate an integral gearbox into the antenna dome, operated by a winder handle, which cants the antenna through 90 degrees. A clever and unique feature only offered by STATUS.

The greatest benefit of our design was to simplify locating a TV transmitter whenever you arrived at a new destination. Firstly, raising and lowering the antenna dome and adjusting its direction can all be performed in the warmth and comfort of indoors. Then simply turning the folding winder changes the antennas’ polarity from horizontal to vertical.

The S570 has 2 metres of coaxial cable and a 365mm mast, which raises the antenna dome 230mm above the roof. This short mast model is simpler to fit, only requiring the roof for support. More importantly, it has been specifically designed to be fit inside the majority of overhead lockers.

The S580 has 5 metres of coaxial cable, a 920mm mast and an extra mounting bracket which allows the antenna to be raised 570mm above the roof for that extra performance. This model requires a vertical surface for mounting the Wall Bracket and is usually located in a wardrobe.

Once installed both units sit low to the roofline for traveling and storage, being only 150mm high. However removal of a fully assembled antenna is straightforward and can be lifted out without any dismantling.

We are confident we have achieved our design brief. The S570 and S580 is clearly focused on performance as well as successfully addressing a number of operational issues to produce possibly the most powerful and user friendly directional antenna for mobile use, on the market today.

New features:

  • Unique integrated TV Signal Finder
  • Horizontal & Vertical Polarisation Indicator
  • Low Profile Roof Assembly
  • DAB & FM Radio Reception
  • Fixed FM radio antennas
At the heart of this new antenna system is the Vision Plus VP5 Digital TV Amplifier with unique integral Signal Finder.

With its neat, slim-line design, the VP5 offers the latest in TV / Radio reception technology and features:
  • Slim-line compact design
  • Digital TV, DAB and FM Radio reception
  • Dedicated TV Transmitter locator – Signal Finder
  • LED light power indicator with red, yellow and green colours to indicate signal strength
  • Variable Gain Control for strong and weak signal areas
  • 2 TV Connections and 1 dedicated Radio connection
  • 12 – 24V DC Power Input connection
  • Antenna IN connection
  • On / Off Power switch
  • 2 year guarantee
Dimensions Status 570
  • Mast Length 330mm
  • Mast intrusion into locker 305-280mm
  • Antenna dome Installed - Length 530mm - Width 340mm - Height 125mm
  • Mounting Foot & Gaiter - Diameter 122mm - Height 35mm - Roof cavity range 25-50mm
Dimensions Status 580
  • Mast Length 920mm
  • Mast intrusion into locker 865mm inc winding handle (Roof cavity being 3cm approx)
  • Antenna dome Installed - Length 530mm - Width 340mm - Height 150mm
  • Mounting Foot & Gaiter - Diameter 122mm - Height 35mm - Roof cavity range 25-50mm

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