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The Tunit Advantage 3 produces superior performance and can be optimised for economy. Introduced for all late model diesel engines it has superior performance and features.

Installed through original plugs by you self or our workshop. Bespoke fine tuning can be carried out on installation or at a later date. Extensive aftersales service on warranties and upgrading. The Advantage 3 is the premium product for motorhomes, campervans, diesel cars and 4×4.


The Diesel Tunit works in a unique way providing results unlike any other tuning map or tuning box. It connects to an original plug in the engine bay. Signals such as air mass, accelerator position, fuel injection timing and fuel delivery are measured and from this a load calculation then delivers new improved signals to optimise the performance and economy. The Tunit does not remove any safety limits set by the manufacturer for the engine’s safety and longevity and in fact leaves the original ECU program intact. The result is the most effective Diesel Tuning solution that increases performance. Used internationally by Individuals, Commercial and Government the Tunit is unrivalled in results and return on investment. Once removed the Tunit can be reused on another vehicle with an upgrade or part exchange.


• Increased BHP

• Increased Torque

• Fuel Savings on average of 12%

• Adjustable between 0 and 9

• Able to be dealer bespoke tuned

• Easy to install

• 2 Year Engine Warranty

• 5 Year Product Warranty

• Life time Part Exchange or reprogram for your next vehicle.


Superior Performance

The premium Advantage 3 provides the best in performance, savings and aftercare for your engine. Optimise your diesel engine with outstanding torque and BHP. Average fuel savings of 12%


Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit Advantage 3 premium model provides easy adjustment 0-9 via an external dial or bespoke fine tune through our workshop for maximum results.


Go Eco

Every driver and every motorhome is different. Choose a setting 0-9 from the Advantage 3 external dial. Move higher or lower to improve economy.



YOUR TUNIT MODEL (typical example)


For the Fiat Ducato 2.3 JTD Euro 6 140 BHP


BEFORE: 140 bhp             AFTER: 166 BHP

BEFORE: 258 lbs/ft          AFTER: 296 lbs/ft


Please contact us with your vehicle details for up to date data on your vehicle. 

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