Truma Gas/BBQ Point

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Truma BBQ point

A BBQ point on your motor home or caravan enables you to conveniently connect external gas appliances such as a barbecue, cooker or lights. To install the gas socket, you also need a gas pipe with an 8 mm diameter, and to extract gas you need a gas hose with a plug-in fitting. The socket is suitable for gas appliances with an operating pressure of 30 or 50 mbar.



·        Available in a range of colours: White and Black.

·        For connection to 8mm copper gas pipe.

·        Includes an on/off control tap and a quick-release gas nozzle (for joining to flexible gas hose).

·        Requires an 85mm cut out in the side of the caravan or motorhome.

·        Front flap size: 145mm x 105mm.

·        Only suitable for removing gas, not for feeding gas into the system.

·        Complies with pressurised equipment directive 97/23/EC and CE approved.

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