Thule Deluxe 6 Step Ladder

Brand: Fiamma
Product Code: Thule Deluxe 6

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Thule Deluxe 6 step Ladder

Ladder with 6 steps and oval arms

Thule ladders for motorhomes

Thule motorhome ladders give easy access to the roof and its cargo. With different lengths but always great-looking, choose the RV ladder you need.


A choice to fit your needs

With Thule rear-mounted motorhome ladders, you get a choice that fits your motorhome and your style. Always great-looking, you choose the number of steps you need. You can also pick foldable options that reach all the way to the ground and make climbing even easier.


Strength and durability

Whichever Thule motorhome ladder you choose, you’ll be sure of an attractive, modern design that only uses high-quality materials. Our RV ladders are made from lightweight anodised aluminium and come with corrosion-proof fastening components to ensure a long lifetime of use.



·       6 Steps

·       Stainless steel fastening components

·       Extremely light and robust

·       Oval arms


Technical specifications

Compatibility - Motorhomes

Length - 30 cm

Width - 11 cm

Height   - 158 cm

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