Sterling Pro Charge Ultra – 240v mains battery chargers

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Sterling Pro Charge Ultra – 240v mains battery chargers



The multi award-winning Sterling 'Pro Charge Ultra' range of multi-stage digital battery chargers feature some of the very best charging technologies currently available. Sterling have long been at the forefront of charger development for the automotive and marine industries and the Pro Charge Ultra range is used by many of the World's largest boat builders as standard equipment in new vessels.


Designed with active power factor correction for high efficiency (even at high temperature operation) and able to operate from low power and/or poor waveform mains supplies (such as generators), this charger provides robust and reliable operation in the most demanding of environments, whilst the wide input voltage and frequency ranges make it perfect for use overseas as well as within the UK. These chargers can also be connected in parallel to increase output, thereby offering the same charging capacity as a larger single charger but with the advantage of providing redundancy in an emergency situation.


The sleek housing features a comprehensive front panel that displays a wealth of information, including output voltage & current, charger status, fault conditions etc.  and the on-board software provides useful functions such as automatic desulphation, variable speed fan control and reduced power output (for low power mains sources and/or silent running).

Suitable for all battery types (wet lead acid open and sealed, AGM, gel, lithium and calcium).


5 Year Warranty



·        11 pre-programmed charging profiles to cover all battery types, plus 1 user-customisable profile

·        2 x front panel LED displays show voltage and current outputs of charger

·        LED display bar indicates real-time charger output level

·        Additional LEDs provide full charger information including settings, warnings etc.

·        Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) providing >90% efficiency

·        Automatic desulphation to extend battery life

·        Variable fan speed to minimise noise when less cooling is required

·        Selectable power output setting (100/75/50/25 %) to reduce fan noise or allow use of low power mains supply

·        Isolated charging outputs to charge 3 separate battery banks (total charger output is shared)

·        Battery temperature compensation sensor included

·        Metal components are stainless steel or corrosion-protected for marine use

·        Multiple chargers can be connected to boost current output

·        Designed to work perfectly with generators

·        Rated for continuous operation at +40ºC

·        Operates as a power supply for your DC loads once the batteries are fully charged

·        Ignition protected for safe use in engine compartments

·        Wide input voltage & frequency range for global use


Designed in the UK



·        Input voltage rating: 80-270VAC, 40-70Hz

·        Max. charge current: 30A – 40A – 60A

·        Voltage output: Variable dependent on selected charging profile

·        Power Factor: 0.976 @ 230V

·        Efficiency: 90.4%

·        No. outputs: 3

·        Cooling method: Fan-assisted (variable speed)

·        Mains connection: Screw terminals (cable clamp or 4.3mm ring terminal fitment)

·        Battery connection: Screw terminals (cable clamp or 4.3mm ring terminal fitment)

·        Chassis earth stud connection: 6.4mm ring terminal fitment

·        Ingress Protection rating: IP21 (drip proof - when mounted vertically) 

·        Weight:  30-40amp, 2.0kg – 60amp, 3.0kg

·        Overall dimensions: 260 (H) x 215 (W) x 90 (D) mm

·        Fixing hole dia: 4.8mm

·        Conforms to the following standards: ABYC, TUV, NMMA, CEC


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