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Sterling WILDSIDE BBC Caravan Battery to Battery Charger (Euro 5-6)


Cars fitted with the latest measures to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency make terrible tow-cars for caravanners! That’s because smart alternators and regenerative braking technology are designed to look after the car’s starter battery with no thought given to how a caravan’s leisure battery will be charged. The result can be a fridge that won’t work while the caravan is on tow and a leisure battery that’s nowhere near fully charged.


Sterling Power’s Caravan Battery to Battery Charger solves the problem by using clever electronics to get power from the towing vehicle’s starter battery and using it to run the fridge in the caravan and charge the leisure battery using a 4-stage regime just like the ones used by some “intelligent” mains battery chargers.


The unit is not difficult to install – it must go in the caravan - and uses existing wiring. If necessary, Rhino installs, or any good auto-electrician can install it for you.


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Suitable for use with smart alternators?:               Yes

Input Voltage - Volts:                                                   12

Output voltage - Volts:                                                12

Max. charging current - Amps:                                  20

Charging characteristic:                                              4 stage

Suitable for battery types:                                          Lead-acid battery inc. wet, AGM

                                                                                        Gel + LiFePO4 lithium batteries

Dimensions (L x W x H) - mm:                                    180 x 120 x 67

Nett weight - kg:                                                           1

Warranty - years:                                                          2

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