CAK Fresh and Waste Water Tanks - Ducato, Boxer, Relay X250 X290

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Fresh & Waste Water Tanks for Ducato, Boxer, Relay X250/290 Installation Kit Van to Campervan

CAK Tanks one piece heavy duty polyethylene moulded plastic tanks (wall thickness from 4 mm to 12 mm depending on size) can be fitted with welded hose fittings during production to suit any application or requirement at no extra cost. CAK tanks are designed for the safe, reliable storage and transport of drinking water & grey or black waste water, industrial chemicals and much more (not designed for petrol or paraffin fuel storage).

 They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; we offer the most extensive range of 250+ sizes. Every effort is made to ensure Tank sizes and capacities are accurate, but due to the production process variations can occur. Rotomoulded to be seamless, one-piece, watertight vessels, our tanks will not leak, split, rust or corrode. All our tanks are manufactured to meet the requirements for food and water collection. All our tanks are moulded; they are not welded together from flat sheet plastic with joins that will crack prematurely. Because our tanks have no joins it ensures a very long and trouble free life.

The tanks are black to prevent the growth of algae so your fresh water will stay fresh longer with no aftertaste. Don’t be put off by the colour we only use the highest grades of virgin polymers to produce our tanks. Being black no light can enter to the water and therefore no algae and other organisms can grow therefore there will be no bad tastes, your fresh water will stay fresh longer.

It is important to use food quality hoses as most water tastes come from the waterborne chlorine leaching plasticizers out of the flexible hoses, leaving a medical/plastic taste (blue hose syndrome).

Most of our smaller tanks have anti surge baffles; a C.A.K. TANKS patented Invention, to prevent excessive water movement. Being moulded and having no joins ensures a long and trouble free life.

Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Relay

2006-Onwards (X250) also fits (X290) vans - NOW FITS EURO 6


The fresh tank is designed to fit near side between chassis and handbrake rod with a capacity of 66 litres. The waste tank is designed to fit off side between chassis and handbrake rod with a capacity 50 litres. Both tanks have all the relevant inlets and outlets pre-welded on to the tank itself.



- 1x CAK-223 Water Tank's with Fresh Fittings

- 1x CAK-224 Water Tank's with Waste Fittings

- 2x Sets Holding Brackets

- 2x Sets of Hook Bolts for Brackets

- 1x 40mm Filler Neck Locking Cap + 2 Keys

- 1x 1M Length of Blue 40mm Filler Pipe

- 2x 40mm Hose Clips

- 1x Remote Drain Tap Kit (BLUE)

- 1x Remote Drain Tap Kit (GREY)




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