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About Brink Campervan Towbars

Brink has been synonymous with towbar expertise for over a hundred years. Thanks to our core values of innovation, ease of use and safety, we have grown to become a global market leader in designing, producing, testing and selling flanged balls, fixed, detachable and retractable towbars with vehicle specific wiring kits. Brink is the perfect partner for both leading car manufacturers, professional fitting company and for you, the consumer. Thanks to this position, we have as many as a thousand different towbar models and wiring kits in our collection, develop over two hundred new types every year, and currently have about 25 million vehicles worldwide driving around with our towbars.


At Brink, your perfect fit is the key experience and starting point for our work. Whether you want to go on holiday with a caravan, take a boat for a spin or enjoy some fresh air on a bike; we enable you to lead an active life. We do this by providing you with the perfect connection between your car and the vehicle you want to attach to it. Whether it is a bike carrier, caravan, horsebox or boat trailer, you will start on your road to moments of relaxation and freedom with a sense of ease and safety with our towbar and wiring kits.

Made in Holland

We are proud of the fact that we design, test and manufacture all our towbars in our own facilities. We do not have any production locations in so-called low-wage countries to save costs, to the detriment of employment opportunities in our own country. We trust the quality and flexibility of our own employees.

Do you have a motorhome, campervan, delivery van, pickup or chassis cab? Then the Brink flanged ball is exceptionally suited to you. This fixed towbar is made for heavy-duty work and is therefore often used in professional trade. It can easily pull trailers with a weight of over three tonnes. There are three types of flanged balls: a two-hole, four-hole and lowered four-hole version.


The two-hole flanged ball can be adjusted in height if the flanged plate it is mounted to consists of four, instead of two coupling points. The two-hole flanged ball can be mounted to both the top and bottom coupling points of the flanged plate. It can be useful to adjust it in height, especially if you have a delivery van. The two-hole flanged ball can be set up in such a way that the back doors can always swing open above the drawbar of the trailer. With a flanged plate consisting of four coupling points, you can also use other coupling systems, such as the drawbar coupling, claw coupling and the ball-pen combination. The coupling systems mentioned exactly fit this flanged plate.

Key Features

·         Adjustable in height

·         Permanently available

·         Heavy-duty towbar

·         Exchangeable with other coupling systems

13 Pin electrics

Complete with 13-pin connection if you want to attach a caravan. A caravan requires more electrical power than a bike carrier, trailer, boat trailer or horsebox, for caravan accessories such as inside lighting, the refrigerator and the water pump. These applications cannot be powered with a 7-pin system. The 13-pin socket is waterproof and lasts for years, thanks to rubber sealing on the inside that prevent the intrusion of fluids and dirt. Because of this, the 13-pi socket meets the requirements of the strict DIN norm, the only approved system in the car industry.

For Vehicles:

VW Transporter 5

VW Transporter 6


(Panels Vans, Box vans, Campervans, Chassis van with no extension, or motorhome body and Pick-ups)

Please see other towbars for Motorhome coach-built vans.

Technical Specs:

Maximum vertical load: 120

D-Value: 14

Maximum towing weight: 2800

Nett weight:  14.4 (Detachable 19.8) 

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