Whale 'Rapid Heat' 8 Litre Storage Water Heater Gas & Electric

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Whale 'Rapid Heat' 8 Litre Storage Water Heater Gas & Electric

 The new Whale 8L Gas and Electric Storage Water Heater incorporates a host of benefits to the OEM, installer and the caravanner.

• 8L capacity hot water tank

• Lightest model in the range – only 8kg (dry weight)

• Gas and electric setting gives a greater kW input for rapid heat up times.

• The robust expanded polypropylene insulation makes the Whale Water

Heater extremely efficient in retaining heat for longer.

• Fits in confined spaces in your bunk, saving valuable storage space

• Doesn’t require an external flue cover that can be easily lost.

• Pressure relief valve incorporating drain function— drains entire water system faster


Suitable for: Caravans, Motorhomes and Mobile Applications


All Whale Water Heater products must be installed and serviced by a qualified gas engineer in accordance with the appliance installation instructions



Rapid and Efficient Heat:

The unique twin element (patent pending) allows a choice of settings.

A low setting of 750 W and a high setting of 1500W gives the option of low power consumption for faster water heat up.


Versatile Control:

The Whale 8L Water Heater has simple to use on / off switch control functions to provide 5 running options:

• Gas Only

• Electric Low Setting

• Electric High Setting

• Gas and Electric Low

• Gas and Electric High


Easy Installation:

The Whale 8L Water Heater comes with front and rear mounting feet.

Minimal Wiring: Simply plug in — no wiring required





Nominal Tank volume 8 ltrs

Pressure relief valve setting 3 bar

Maximum water inlet pressure 1.9 bar



Gas Type Butane and Propane

CAT I3+ (29/37)

CAT I3B/P (30)

Heat input (net) 1.5 kW

Gas connection 8mm OD copper pipe



Supply 12V d.c. + 230V a.c. 50 Hz

Current consumption, 230V 3.25/6.5 A

Max. current consumption, 12V 0.36A (0.01A on standby)


Performance Data New 8L Water Heater

Water Heat up times Mins / L

• Gas 3.0

• Electric (high) 3.0

• Combined 1.5

Electric lowest Eco Setting 750W

Gas Consumption 93 g/hr

* Tested in accordance to BS EN15033:2006 Standard “Room sealed storage and water heaters

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