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This Whale Expanse 8 litre water storage heater has been cleverly designed to maximise living space by being located outside under the vehicle if space allows or internally but by using a balanced flue to increase location options. This under floor water heater builds on Whales reputation for heating excellence gained by their award-winning space heaters


Being a balanced flue Gas and Electric Water Heater now means the days of cutting large holes for Flues in the side of a vehicle is a thing of the past, with the concentric flue pipes being led to the side of the vehicle and discreetly hidden under the sill. For internal mounted version the exhaust can go down through the floor and then to the side of the vehicle as up two metres of exhaust run is available to play with.

When fitted alongside a Whale or Propex Under Floor Space Heater you can create a total under floor gas and electric water and space heating system to create even more open space and offer more versatility in interior layouts.


Fitted externally, Expanse only requires a minimal amount of internal space

(214mm x 60mm x 81mm).

Fitted internally, the heater gives converters the freedom to install hot water without resorting to cutting holes through motorhome, campervan bodywork.


Whale Expanse Balanced Flue Gas Water Heater for Motorhomes & Campervans features:


·        Fits Internally or Under floor

·        Balanced flue

·        Gas, Electric or combined

·        Selectable 750Watt or 1500Watt power setting

·        Easy to install

·        Space Saving

·        Fast and efficient



Rapid Heat Up, Reheat & Retention

The water tank’s highly efficient pre-mixed burner and direct heat exchanger are designed to optimise heat transfer. The Expanse will heat water faster than any other model. In 11 minutes it will produce enough hot water for a 14 litre shower. A second shower can be taken just 8 minutes afterwards. 2 showers in just 19 minutes! The protective lightweight plastic outer housing and custom expanded polystyrene provide efficient insulation for the water tank. All designed to keep water hotter, for longer.


A Truly Versatile Water Heater

Expanse can run on electric only, gas only or both combined.


Simplified and Eased Installation with Maximised Freedom

Vehicle converters will enjoy the freedom to choose from a variety of internal or under floor chassis mounting locations thanks to the versatile design of the Expanse. The resilient outer housing has secure mounting points moulded in to ensure a long term secure fit. Expanse includes external gas connections and a fan-assisted flue which is attached to the underside of the heater to minimise wall and floor cut outs. This helps to ensure that the overall vehicle structure remains intact and installation time is reduced. Installation is further streamlined thanks to Expanse’s unique integrated Pressure Relief Drain Valve and easy connection to Whale Quick Connect 12mm plumbing (adaptors are also available for all other typical plumbing systems).

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