Truma Saphir compact Air Conditioner (240v Mains)

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Truma Saphir compact

Storage compartment air conditioning system for small and medium-sized vehicles


Truma Saphir compact is a storage compartment air conditioning system that is especially well-suited for small to medium-sized caravans and motor homes. The system not only cools the air, but also dehumidifies and cleans it. For this purpose, there are fluff and particle filters on the front of the device. The air conditioning system is lightweight, extremely compact and very economical to run.


·        Cooling time can be programmed up to 15 hours in advance with the timer function

·        Select the room temperature in one degree increments

·        Can be used at camp sites with fuses from three amperes

·        Especially light at just 20 kilograms



Use the convenient remote control to adjust the storage compartment air conditioning system. Truma Saphir compact systems can also be controlled with the digital CP plus iNet ready control panel. If, in addition to a Truma air conditioner, you also have a Combi heater in your vehicle, you can use automatic climate control. Both appliances are then synchronised with each other automatically until the desired temperature is reached. The digital control panel can also be extended with the Truma iNet Box. This allows you to control all TIN bus-capable Truma appliances via the Truma App.


Truma Saphir compact is installed centrally in a storage compartment, such as in a storage bench, so that the cold air is distributed evenly throughout the entire caravan or motor home.


·        Very low power consumption

·        Especially quiet in operation

·        Low internal and external fan speed in sleep mode

·        Three fan speeds and two operating modes: cooling and air circulation


The Truma Saphir compact storage compartment air conditioning system is ideal for small and medium-sized caravans up to 5.5 metres long.


Use the remote control to switch the Truma Saphir compact on and set the desired room temperature.


Thanks to its compact size, the Truma Saphir compact fits into almost any caravan or motor home.



Technical Data

Power supply                                                 230 V – 240 V ~, 50 Hz

Power consumption, cooling                      2.8 A

Start-up current                                            15 A (150 ms)

Cooling power                                               1800 W

Volumetric air flowmax.                              310 m³/h

Deployment range                                        +16 °C to +40 °C

Maximum incline during operation           8%

Weight (without installation material)      approx. 20 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H)                                 560 x 400 x 290 mm

Built-in dimensions (L x W x H)                   790 x 440 x 290 mm

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