Thule Omnistor 5200 Motorised Awning - 3.0m to 4.5m

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Thule Omnistor 5200 is the new standard for RV, motorhome, campervan and van awnings



• Flat adapter delivered as standard. Special adapters for wall mounting need to be ordered separately

• Perfect fabric tension: sturdy spring arms with patented integrated tension arms ensure a perfectly tensioned

awning fabric for increased wind resistance. Standard integrated for awning lengths from 4.02m and more,

optional for a 3.02m or 3.52m awning length

• Thule Quick Release support legs:

- sturdy metal connection parts

- easy unlocking and storing into the lead rail of the awning

- can be removed vertically from the lead rail: no risk of damaging the vehicle wall

- inner arm remains blocked during the set up

• Thule Quick-Lock: user-friendly system to help you set up and adjust the support legs to the right heights

• Optional Thule Tent LED Mounting Rail TO 5200:

- covers the gap under the awning = wall adapters are no longer visible

- possible to mount a Thule QuickFit/EasyLink awning tent thanks to the integrated rail

- possible to hang up the Thule Organizers

- possible to add a Thule LED Strip

• Thule look:

- matches the contemporary RV design

- better integrated on the vehicle side

• 12 VDC motor:

- operate awning lengths from 3.00m and more without any effort

- control is made with a switch through one touch command

- integrated manual override with hand crank in case of power failure

• Patented roller tube support for better fabric tension and reduced wrinkling of the fabric

• Easy roller tube adjustment: perfect closing of the cassette on the side opposite to the gear

• Improved masking and finish of the technical parts

• Integrated anti-rattling solutions

• Integrated fixation for an optional 3rd support leg to ensure a highter stability (from 3.50 m awning length)

• Increased reliability: built-in durable systems for long life performance

• Thule Adjustable Pitch system: the incline of the awning fabric can be set as you please to easily open the door of

your vehicle without touching the awning fabric



• Installation Wall mounting

• Length 3.05m - 4.52m

• Projection 2.50m

• Cassette White, Anodised, Anthracite: - only fabric 31 - Mystic Grey

• Fabric 31 – Mystic Grey (standard)

Special order.

32 – Sapphire Blue

03 – Blue Sky

04 – Alaska Grey

• Weight 23.6kg - 31.4kg (with motor)


Available Accessories


• Thule Wall Adapters                                                  • Thule Motor Kit TO 5200

• Thule Tent LED Mounting Rail TO 5200               • Thule LED Strip

• Thule Tension Arm Set TO 5200                            • Thule Tension Rafter G2

• Thule 3rd Support Leg                                             • Thule Hold Down Kit

• Thule Hold Down Side Strap Kit                             • Thule Sealing Rubber

• Thule Gutter                                                                • Thule Sun Blocker G2 Front/Side

• Thule Rain Blocker G2 Front/Side                          • Thule View Blocker G2 Side

• Thule View Blocker Front                                        • Thule Windscreen

• Thule Panorama                                                       • Thule Residence G3    

• Thule QuickFit                                                           • Thule EasyLink



• Thule PVC Cleaner                                                     • Thule Repair Patch


Thule Omnistor 5200 Motorised

LENGTH                              PROJECTION                     NET WEIGHT

3.05m                                 2.50m                                 23.6kg

3.55m                                 2.50m                                 26.4kg

4.05m                                 2.50m                                 29kg

4.55m                                 2.50m                                 31.4kg

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