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SOG® - the tried and tested green solution for banishing unpleasant toilet odours 

When it comes to getting rid of unpleasant odours, most mobile toilets are treated with chemical products, many of which are harmful to the environment.

In fact, 90% of all motorhomes and caravans are fitted with mobile toilets that, according to their manufacturers, are designed to be used with chemicals for odour reduction and decomposition. Their waste tanks therefore have to be refilled with chemical products, which normally have a polluting effect, every time they are emptied.

The innovative and environmentally friendly SOG® system finally waves goodbye to horrible odours for good! And what’s more,it does so in an environmentally friendly manner and without any chemicaladditives!

This is made possible by a special high-performance fan that automatically turns on when the toilet's gate valve is opened. The fan creates negative pressure in the waste holding tank and this pressure simply removes unpleasant odours by suction. During this process, the incoming flow of fresh air acts as a seal and fully prevents any unpleasant biogas from escaping from the tank. The system is made even more efficient by active filters made of organic carbon.


The ventilator is mounted directly inside the service hatch. The case containing the active charcoal filter is fitted on the exterior. The attractively designed plastic case is available in the colours white, light grey and dark grey and can also be painted the same colour as your vehicle.

Standard Colour White.

Your advantage:
SOG® for the service hatch is our easiest ventilation system to mount.

The contents of the SOG® assembly kit:

·        The fan – the heart of the ventilation system

·        Adapter parts

·        A cable set with a switch for the fan power supply

·        All small parts required for installation

·        Highly sophisticated installation instructions

·        Filter casing

The SOG Systems type for cassette (Thetford & Dometic)

·        Thetford C2 / C3 / C4 Cassette - SOG Type A

·        Thetford C200 Cassette - SOG Type B

·        Thetford C400 Cassette - SOG Type D

·        Thetford C250 Cassette - SOG Type F

·        Thetford C500 Cassette - SOG Type G

·        Thetford C220 Cassette - SOG Type H

·        Dometic CT3000/CT4000 - SOG Type 3000A

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