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The RANGER 110 system is a simple solution to any reversing problems that caravan owners may encounter when manoeuvring into difficult spaces. By providing rear vision it can also increase your driving awareness. It’s an app-based transmitter that converts your smart phone# or tablet# into a reversing monitor. The 12v transmitter is wired to the RANGER slim line camera fitted to the rear of the vehicle and transmits to the phone / tablet.

This system is easy to install and minimises any labour intensive wiring. No wiring is required within the car and there’s no need for a separate monitor. As the system creates its’ own WiFi signal it is not reliant on your device’s data allowance (ie. 3G or 4G) and will therefore work wherever you travel.

The RANGER 110 is suitable for all Android and iOS operating systems and provides a generous WiFi range of up to 60 metres.

  • # Apple IOS or Android devices only. Please check that the “VisionCam” app is available on your device prior to purchasing.

System Includes:

  • WiFi Transmitter
  • Slimline camera - 120 degrees
  • 10m AV lead

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