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Modified and pure sine wave motorhome and campervan inverters.

SMART-IN is the new line of inverters designed and developed by NDS, which has managed to create a series of professional products that is up to their customers’ expectations.

These Inverters have been designed to guarantee the best performance in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability. Thanks to some special technical and innovative solutions, SMART-IN inverters are also suitable for professional use.

There are two series of SMART-IN, Modified and Pure based on the type of output wave-form.

Besides the cables included, the SMART-IN, a series of a practical accessories are available.

Main features

•             High efficiency up to 93%

•             Low self-consumption

•             Input with professional connectors

•             Predisposition for remote control ON/OFF

•             Input and output completely isolated


•             Soft Start

•             Protection against overload and short-circuit

•             Low battery alarm

•             Protection against polarity inversion

•             Over-temperature protection

Distinctive features:

•             The input and output are completely isolated, to avoid that any anomalies from the equipment connected to the output may damage that connected to the input and vice-versa, thus ensuring a high degree of safety.

•             Professional connectors which, as opposed to the standard cheaper inverters on the market inverters normally sold, are directly integrated into the board, thus allowing substantial reduction of voltage drop on the connection between the device and the battery. This improves its performance and, at the same power absorbed by 230V equipment (e.g. TVs), the battery consumption is lower than with the traditional inverters.

Thanks to the innovative technical solutions adopted, the efficiency can get to very high levels:

•             93% for the modified wave SMART-IN SM series, suitable for TVs, computers, battery chargers and so on.

•             91% for the pure wave SMART-IN SP series, recommended for all uses as all the devices are designed and tested to work with pure sine wave voltage.

For some equipment, such as engines, refrigerators, Hi-Fis, “dimmer” lamps and air conditioning systems, using a pure sine wave inverter is compulsory in order to avoid any damage. SMART-IN inverters can boast the lowest self-consumption on the market and considering that very often an inverter remains in stand-by mode, thus keeping consuming current, to minimise the absorption is essential and of great benefit to the user that does not discharge the battery unnecessarily.



Continuous Power          Peak Output Power        Size (MM)

600watt                              1500watt                            244.5 x 140 x 71

1000watt                            3000watt                            262.4 x 270 x 107.5

1500watt                            4000watt                            322.4 x 270 x 107.5

3000watt                            6000watt                            412 x 270 x 108



  • Remote control switch available. 

Wired into Motorhome system with include an auto-switch. (this system is protected so if you plug into mains there are no nasty shocks) - Would only recommend inverters over 1000watts to be fitted this way.

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