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Are you looking for protection from gas leaks and attacks? The Trio Gas Pro alarm comes from an amazing range of alarms that give the user total peace of mind and absolute protection against the main gases, relevant to caravans and motorhomes.

This Trio Gas Pro alarm detects the following Gases:-

  • LPG, both butane and propane (blue and red bottled gas)
  • Narcotic Gas (ie. Ether based gases)
  • Carbon Monoxide

The Trio Gas Pro detector is able to detect against all of the above gases in one single unit. Once wired according to the manufactures guidelines it's just a case of switching the alarm on for total peace of mind. The gas alarm has an inbuilt sensor making it totally stand alone. This particular unit is ideal for larger caravans and motorhomes, which has 2 sensors.

All Trio Gas Alarms have an 'open collector gate', a feature that allows a siren, anti-theft device or eg. a manual reset gas valve to stop gas supply to be installed in to the alarm.

Trio Gas Alarms Features:

  • Self diagnostic in the fact that the LED's will advise if there is a fault with the wiring of the installation.
  • Low energy consumption -
  • Alarm sounds at 90dB when activated
  • Test alarm button can be sounded at will to check that the alarm is working.

Simple and easy for complete peace of mind. We recommended that the Trio Gas Pro Alarm is fitted as close to the ground as possible, as LPG and narcotic gases are heavier than air and will sink to the lowest area of the vehicle.

It is even possible to mount a 3rd sensor if deemed necessary on the Trio Gas Pro Alarm (very large motorhomes, caravans)

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