Indel B - Plein-Aircon 12V

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Indel B - Plein-Aircon 12V

Plein-Aircon is the innovative 12V air conditioner for campervans and motorhomes which powers on a backup battery, without installing inverters or generators. No matter where you are, enjoy a plein-air stop without giving up on the comfort of an ideal inside temperature in hot summer nights. Plein-Aircon 12V is a roof air conditioner system that celebrates the most authentic mindset of travelling in complete freedom and in contact with nature. It cools and dehumidifies campervans and motorhomes up to 6 meters without needing to connect to 220V energy sources or backup generators.

Plein-Aircon 12V is made for roof installation, positioned above the sleeping area to improve comfort while you stop and during your nights rest, or to maintain the ideal temperature while driving, ensuring optimal cool air distribution. Compared to 220V solutions, Plein- Aircon 12V does not require installing an inverter or a combustion backup generator, considerably reduces power consumption and spreading, and eliminates CO2 emissions when you stop.

Plein-Aircon 12V is perfect to cool and dehumidify up to 6m campervans that allow its installation on the roof designed really with the van conversion market in mind, these are the people who tend to wild camp more than Coachbuilt Motorhomers.


Compressor:                                     Direct current single compressor

Input Voltage:                                   12V DC (Optional 220V Smart Switch Power Supply)

Refrigerant Gas:                                R134A

Cooling Capacity:                              1200 Watt (max)

Power consumption                        12V* 16 amp/h (auto) - 42 amp/h (max)

Dimension external unit                 (H x W x D) 246 x 720 x 800 mm

Dimension of evaporating unit      (H x W x D) 50 x 533 x 600 mm

Dimensions roof cut-out                 (W x D) 400 x 400 mm

Roof thickness                                   30-70 mm

Weight                                                 25,3 Kg

Number Air Vents                             2 (front/rear)

Number of Blower Speed               3 + auto

Air flow                                               350m3/h

Remote control                                 Yes

Timer                                                  Yes

Battery protection                            Yes

Starting current                                Very low starting current

Soft Start function                            Yes

Best for vehicle length                     Max 6m vehicles

Filters                                                  Interchangeable internal filters

Test marks                                          E-mark / EMC

* at 32°C ambient temperature (internal and external)

The output is 1200W and it's not designed to cool the entire van but specifically to cool the sleeping area. 

This system should be fitted with its own battery bank, ideally Lithium batteries around 150ah. At full power it'll use 42A, so the user would typically fire the Air Con up for say an hour and then drop the setting to a lower level, once a sensible temperature has been reached.

It also has a ventilator setting (1.5A) and can be also used on mains (if the Smart Switch is bought alongside the main unit).

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