Gastore - 15ltr Under slung Refillable Gas Tank (VW T5/T6)

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Gastore (Propex) 15ltr Refillable Gas tank


Propex think their blown air heaters provide a valuable ‘must have‘ accessory to accompany you on every camping expedition,  offering the ability to keep warm and comfortable and extending your enjoyment whilst providing good value, reliability and efficiency.


When compared to diesel heater alternatives, Propex heaters use less power from the 12v supply, cost less, are clean burning and have no consumable parts that call for a regular service.


To support customers further, and make life even easier and more convenient, Propex are now offering a workshop-based service to fit under-slung LPG vapour take off tanks to VW Campervans and so further enhancing the ownership of your Propex heater.


Getting rid of on-board Butane or Propane bottles have some very clear advantages including:


      Significantly reduced cost of the Gas

      Save valuable internal space – you can now pack more kit for your trip

      Quick and easy fill ups on many petrol station forecourts

      On board level indicator – no need to carry a spare bottle

      No more freezing Butane – LPG goes to -42*C – enjoy those winter trips out

      Reduced gas dropout holes required, so less holes in your van

      Safer – reduced gas runs and connections inside vehicle

      Installed inline with UKLPG CoP11 and NCC CoP306

      BBQ Point, Rear external filler Point and 30mbar gas Regulator


There are certain criteria that installations must meet and these are inline with recommendations from UKLPG and the NCC.  If your van has been significantly lowered or you have an older vehicle (Type2’s)  that we cannot pick up a ‘solid’ mounting from we will not fit a tank.  Tanks and fill points must retain a certain ground clearance and be able to withstand a high impact and pull force. Should you decide to try a spot of vigorous off-roading we would rather you didn’t leave the tank behind !!



Gastore VW Campervan 15ltr Underslung LPG Vapour Tank


      15 litres capacity = so 6kg gas

      Integrated solenoid valve on tank.

      Fits to existing holes

      Low power consumption controller – 3v <100mA

      Built in level gauge

      Stainless steel mountings

      BBQ point.

      External Filler point to rear bumper

      30mbar Gas Regulator

      Conform to R67.01 and EN1949:2011

      Exceed requirements of NCC Cop307

      First system of its type on the market 

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