Fiamma Zip Awning - 3.0m to 4.5m

Brand: Fiamma
Product Code: Zip Awnings

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The only automatic awning complete with front and side panels and ZIP fasteners

The product is complete with awning and privacy (one front panel and two side panels), the two products are joined together with zippers that allow an easy and quick installation
The innovative Fiamma ZIP system joins the side panels to the fabric of the awning with two special sturdy zippers. In a few instants the awning can be transformed into a complete enclosure, doubling your living space. Now more functional and elegant, thanks to the restyling. The new look benefits from widened windows, rounded contours and the insertion of grey tones, these improvements make the product more stylish and modern.

Delivered as standard with

• 1x awning (based on F45s/L)
• 3x installation brackets (Kit AS)  
• 1x front panel with door and window with mosquito net
• 2x side panels with windows with mosquito net
• 1x central tension rafter
• 1x Rapid Set installation kit (2+2 aluminium tension poles)
• 1x vehicle skirting
• 1 x kit elastic hooks for secure fixing
• 1x storage bag Mega Bag 140x27x40cm.

Selection guide

Awning Fiamma ZIP is based on F45 awnings.
Canopy has a ZIP system allowing a fast installation.
Windows Front and side panels are composed of openable Crystal windows equipped with mosquito net. High velcro layer for a safe closing of the window.
Structure Aluminium Rapid Set poles, tension Rafter. The anti-wind support Magic Privacy is optionally available for perfect stability of the enclosure.
Front Panel Front panels are interchangeable. This means that door and window can be mounted on either the left hand side or on the right hand side.

Fiamma ZIP S   Fiamma ZIP L

Description                                                             Awning length    A   Height from ground    B   Extension    C    Shade surface     Weight    
ZIP S 300 - Medium - Polar White306 cm225-250 cm250 cm7,1 m242,4 kg
ZIP S 350 - Medium - Polar White356 cm225-250 cm250 cm8,3 m246,3 kg
ZIP L 400 - Medium - Polar White406 cm225-250 cm250 cm9,6 m258,4 kg
ZIP L 450 - Medium - Polar White *456 cm225-250 cm250 cm10,1 m262,4 kg
ZIP S 300 - Large - Polar White306 cm251-280 cm250 cm7,1 m242,6 kg
ZIP S 350 - Large - Polar White356 cm251-280 cm250 cm8,3 m246,5 kg
ZIP L 400 - Large - Polar White406 cm251-280 cm250 cm9,6 m258,6 kg
ZIP L 450 - Large - Polar White *456 cm251-280 cm250 cm10,1 m2

62,6 kg

* 1 Rafter and 1 Door Pole included

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