E&P LEVEL-M Hydraulic Motorhome Levelling system

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E&P LEVEL-M complete with touch screen/remote and plastic foot plates

Effortless Levelling

The E&P LEVEL-M SYSTEM keeps you mobile and flexible, yet safe and secure.

 You know the story: you’re at a campsite or trying to have a quick break in a beauty spot along the roadside… but your motorhome is not parked on level ground. It’s so bad in fact, your normal levellers are not good enough to put your vehicle anywhere near horizontal. You move the vehicle, try again... you’ve got the spirit-level out… and then finally, at long last you can enjoy your rest. But every time one of you moves, or the wind blows, the whole van rocks giving you that slightly uneasy feeling that means you can’t totally relax, especially at night. Then you want to move on… and at the next stop it will probably be the same story all over again. And every time you set up on a new site the



• The whole vehicle rocks when you walk through or get in and out

• Shaking in windy conditions

• Water from the shower and sink does not drain properly

• Doors (toilet, shower) fall open and shut

• Disturbed sleep due to movement and a feeling that you’re lying at a slant

• Excessive effort is involved in stabilising each time you stop



With the Motorhome LEVELSYSTEM, 4 lightweight hydraulic jacks are fastened to the chassis. There are several different sizes of jack available, each one capable of supporting anything from 2 tonnes right up to an incredible 10 tonnes… We have the answer, whatever your vehicle thought of taking a day trip seems more trouble than its worth.




By pushing just one button, your motorhome is automatically set in a level position in under 2 minutes. Where possible all 4 wheels stay on the ground and the motorhome is made perfectly stable. No movement can be felt in the vehicle whatsoever… even when someone walks through or steps in and out.


• Horizontal in 120 seconds

• Effortlessly level at the push of a button

• Fully automatic

• Sturdy and vibration-free position

• Additional theft protection

• Maintenance-free

• Completely hydraulic

• No wear and tear

• Kind to chassis frames

• Safety feature prevents driving off with jacks deployed

• Ready for immediate use

• Improved drainage from sink and shower

• Improved drainage/flow from waste-water tank

• Jacks are retracted hydraulically, preventing them from getting stuck in soggy or frozen ground



There is an in-built safety feature which means the system will only work if the handbrake has been engaged. When you are ready to drive off again, one push of a button is enough to retract all jacks in less than a minute. If you forget to retract the jacks and release the handbrake, an alarm is sounded and the jacks are retracted immediately.



The system comes standard with a wireless hand-held touch screen/remote control allows you to freely manoeuvre around the motorhome, keeping a watchful eye on any possible obstructions or safety hazards. Just stand back and watch whilst the 2 minute levelling process takes place.



• Available for motorhomes from 3.5 to 24 tonnes GVW

• Each system comprises of 4 hydraulic jacks fastened to the chassis (with plastic foot plates giving 40-65% more coverage)

• Available in a variety of different stroke lengths for different vehicles

• Jacks are powder-coated to prevent corrosion

• Stainless steel footplates prevent corrosion

• Hydraulic pump driven by a powerful 12 volt - 800 watt motor

• Fully automatic control unit

• Semi-automatic manual operation possible on steeper terrains

• Each jack is operated by its own valve

• Oil tank is integrated directly into pump

• 2-year warranty



Van / Camper up to 5.5T

2 Tonne Systems

Capacity: 2T each support

Total weight: apr. 55 Kg

Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer / Citroen Rely  - X244, X250 , X290

Alko Chassis 

Iveco Daily

Ford Transit

Renault Master

Mercedes Sprinter 

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