E&P Hydraulics Caravan Level System

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The E&P Hydraulics Levelsystem keeps you mobile and flexible. Forget messing around with jacks and wedges. Arrive, push button, relax.


Even easier

Operation takes place using a control unit inside the caravan or with the aid of an optional remote control. The hydraulic supports are either automatically extended (then adjusted as required), or the supports are controlled in pairs on one side by manual operation. This to prevent torsion in the chassis.


• Horizontal in 120 seconds
• Maintenance-free
• Kind to chassis frames
• Ready for immediate use
• Completely hydraulic
• Easy setup
• Fully automatic
• No wear and tear
• Fully automatic levelling control
• Sturdy position without annoying swaying
• No waste water accumulation thanks to the horizontal position (allows proper drainage)
• A quiet night thanks to the perfect position


With the E&P Hydraulics level system, 2 main supports are mounted to the axle of the caravan so that it can be raised and therefore the whole caravan can be levelled horizontally. Not only does the E&P Hydraulics level system have 2 axle-mounted supports, the standard corner steadies are replaced with hydraulic AL-KO “Big Foot” crank-supports. This method prevents force being transferred through the vehicle floor during setup.


Technical data levelsystem caravan

• For caravans/special trailers with max. total weight of 3.5t

• 20 kg excess weight for the whole system (after dismantling the existing corner cranksupports)

• Large, mobile pivoting foot-plate for axle supports

• Large, mobile pivoting foot-plate for corner crank-supports (AL-KO Big Foot)

• 240 Watt hydraulic aggregate

• 12 Volt operating voltage




The Complete 6-jack Caravan level system consists of: 

• Hydraulic axle supports (2 pcs.)
• Hydraulic AL-KO “Big Foot” crank-supports (4 pcs.)
• Mounting bracket set for the axle supports
• Hydraulic pump
• Operating system (software)
• Control panel (display)
• Remote control (optional)
• Electric cable set (already mounted to the hydraulic pump)
• Hydraulic hoses
• User manual
• Divers Mounting parts

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