E&P Hydraulics Caravan Compact Level System

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E&P Hydraulics again sets a new benchmark for stress free and comfortable levelling. The Compact LEVELSYSTEM takes a unique position in the caravan market.

With an unequalled 2 minute levelling time, using ONLY 2 hydraulic axle-jacks, the automatic Compact system is the obvious choice of any caravan enthusiast who wants to optimise their holiday experience with a “gold winning” levelling performance and great design !

Two specially designed axle supports enable the user to position the caravan to their preferred position, ensuring the best ergonomic use.

The automatic Compact system is ideally suited for the more budget conscious caravan lover who would prefer not to go for the Complete 6 support level system.

Thanks to the latest software development it enables the LEVELSYSTEM to extend and retract the hydraulic jacks safely and efficiently.

There is also an optional hand-held remote control unit to make using the system even more enjoyable !


General information
The Compact LEVELSYSTEM – a pioneering, effective and simple-to-use- system, worth its weight in gold for caravan owners.

Cost of Ownership
Perfect for those caravan owners who still want stability, security and assistance with tricky side-to-side levelling, at a more affordable cost.

Ergonomics and ease of use
The Compact LEVELSYSTEM uses just 2 axle jacks, both of which are deployed using the control panel or the wireless hand-held remote control, giving you full control over the stabilising process. The jockey wheel and existing corner steadies can then be wound down manually as normal to aid with the levelling.

Effortless levelling in less than 2 minutes. The E&P LEVELSYSTEM keeps you mobile and flexible, yet safe and secure. Forget messing around with jacks, blocks and spirit level.
Simply…… Arrive, Push Button, Relax.


Technical data
- For caravans with max total weight up to 3,5 t
- Only 20 Kg. net weight for the whole system
- Horizontal in 120 seconds
- Effortlessly level at the push of a button
- Fully automatic
- Maintenance free
- Completely hydraulic
- No wear and tear
- 2 year warranty

- 240 watt hydraulic motor
- 12 Volt operating system
- Powered by the existing leisure battery
- Very low current draw
- Compatible with motor movers

- Additional theft protection
- Kind to chassis frames
- Easy setup

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