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Alugas MV Lightweight 11kg/14kg Single Cylinder CE Approved kit

The new MV Alugas cylinders from has only one Multi Valve which incorporates all the valves in one cluster. instead of the three individual valves like earlier cylinders.
Each Alugas cylinder Multi Valve range has a unique safety valve setup which limits the cylinder filling to 80% through the action of a float activated over fill protection device activated by the LPG liquid level inside.
The Alugas MV cylinder also incorporates in the gas off take valve a rupture protection (excess flow device) as a further safety feature which replaces the need for special "rupture protection" pigtails with this valve fitted to them. This allows for safe travel with gas turned on and, in some cases, where allowed, operate the vehicles heating while driving.
The Alugas MV also boasts a revised float activated contents gauge that can be viewed from both above the cylinder as well as from the side for ease of use in confined spaces. A remote LED gauge can also be fitted to the Alugas MV cylinder to give a reading from inside the van at the touch of a button as an optional extra where required.
Revised service valve connection allows the cylinder to have the option of been used with rubber pigtail connection hoses or stainless-steel pigtail connection hoses offering longer service life.

CE Approval. In 2018 the Alugas is the only fixed refillable cylinder on the market the with CE approval through TUV. This CE approval is stamped to the cylinder and is also on the multivalve and means that the product has been checked and complies with all relevant essential safety requirements.

CE marking is required for many products. It:

  • Shows that the manufacturer has checked that these products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements
  • Is an indicator of a products compliance with EU legislation
  • allows the free movement of products within the European market


The 11kg Alugas MV cylinder is lightweight aluminium weighing only 6.7kg when empty and holds 21.7 litres of useable LPG when filled to 80% giving a useable 11KG working gas capacity.

The 14kg Alugas MV cylinder is lightweight aluminium weighing only 7.5 kg when empty and holds 28 litres of useable LPG when filled to 80% giving a useable 14KG working gas capacity.


Advantages of using the CE Alugas lightweight 11kg/14kg MV cylinder

  • CE Approved cylinder for EU requirements.
  • Cheaper to refill while travelling and no more requirements to carry country specific bottles.
  • Lightweight construction reducing overall vehicle weight.
  • Overfill protection and rupture protection as standard.
  • Revised off-take to accept stainless steel hose if required.
  • Liquid level gauge as standard with remote LED option.


This sale is for a single Alugas refillable cylinder kit, the kit includes:-
1x 11kg/14kg Alugas CE cylinder
1x Filler Hose Kit
1x Complete Round Dutch/UK Bayonet Filler (Black or White)
1x Pol connector to suit UK poll fitting pigtails or regulator (Stainless Steel)
Foreign Adapters: Full set of 3 foreign fill adapters: French/Italian, Spanish and Euro adapters

11kg Gas Cylinder specification:
Water capacity: 27.2 ltr
LPG working capacity: 11kg
Empty weight of valved cylinder: 6.7kg
Height with shroud: 600mm
Diameter: 300mm

14kg Gas Cylinder specification:
Water capacity: 36 ltr
LPG working capacity: 14kg
Empty weight of valved cylinder: 7.5 kg
Height with shroud: 700mm
Diameter: 300mm

Cylinder standard: CE Approved, R6701 Multivalve.

This system will be suitable for installation on vehicles fitted with a 30mbar regulator.

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