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As the UK’s lithium battery specialist, Eco Tree Lithium we are passionate about offering our customers the correct battery solution for energy, innovation and quality. Sourcing only the best lithium cell that has been technically designed in Europe to provide the best in cell performance and longevity.

Eco Tree Lithium source and distribute advanced lithium batteries for emergency vehicles, military applications, marines, UPS, solar systems, recreational vehicles, sweepers, medical & mobility recreation and industrial applications, and know these applications well and we develop tailored battery solutions for each market sector. 


·         European design & technology

·         Built-in fully automatic Battery Management System (BMS)

·         Explosion proof stainless steel cells - built in thermal fuse

·         Flame resistant ABS case, conforms to UL94-Vo

·         LIFEPO4 cylindrical smart

·         High pressure safety vent (explosion proof)

·         Over voltage and under voltage protection

·         Reverse polarity and short circuit protection

·         Automatic cell balancing (equalisation

·         Drop fit footprint replaces most Lead Acid, Gel or AGM batteries.

·         ZERO maintenance fit and forget technology

·         6 year warranty


Over double the power and less than half the weight of your Lead Acid or AGM battery.

Powered by the latest and safest Lithium Iron phosphate technology (LiFeP04), 10x the cycles, 10x the life, and at less than half the weight, with zero maintenance. Includes 3x the warranty of a regular lead battery.

Over their lifetime, our batteries are far cheaper than traditional Lead or AGM batteries.

Who can resist faster charging and ultra-safe usage with our built-in BMS (Battery Management System)?

If you’re fed up with failing batteries and whether you need more reliable power, faster charging, lighter weight, or a longer lifespan, Eco Tree Lithium has the answer!

Eco Tree Lithium battery will provide you with more than 2000 times of 100% deep discharge. After that the battery will still be at least 70% of the rated capacity.

They also offer a full 6 years’ manufacturer’s warranty against cell defect. We only use Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, which is the safest technology that can be provided. Their accreditation that they offer are CE and UN38.3 to name a few, so you can be sure that safety is paramount.

So, if you need to power your application, Eco Tree Lithium is the one to fit.



·         Money saving over its lifetime

·         12 x the number of cycles of Lead/AGM 250 cycles vs 3,000

·         24 x more total amp hours than Lead/AGM 12,500 vs 300,000

·         10 x faster charging than Lead/AGM

·         40-50% lighter than Lead/AGM

·         6 year warranty - 3x longer than most Lead/AGM

·         LiFePO4 cylindrical smart cells using European technology

·         Built-in fully automatic Battery Management System (BMS)

·         Simple drop-in replacement for Lead/Gel or AGM batteries

·         Automatic built in cell balancing (Equalisation)

·         Grade A Manufactured Cells for increased strength and better conductivity

·         ZERO maintenance fit and forget technology

·         Ultra-low self-discharge can be left for exceptionally long periods

·         Will not swell (balloon), gas or vent compared to Lead/AGM

·         Can be fitted in any orientation

·         Non-liquid, non-corrosive, non-toxic, brilliant for carbon footprint

·         UN38.3 IP56, 93/66/EEC, UL94-Vo, IMDG safe, can be shipped by air/freight

·         Reverse polarity and short circuit protection

·         Maintains constant voltage throughout discharge, does not drop like lead

·         Selection of 12.8V batteries from 84AH to 320AH





EL12.8 - 84

EL12.8 - 100

EL12.8 - 110

EL12.8- 216

EL12.8 - 320

Built-in BMS


Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity












Charging voltage


Max charging current

42 Amp

50 Amp

54 Amp

100 Amp

Max discharge current

84 Amp

100 Amp

110 Amp

100 Amp

Weight approx.







(L x W x H)

260 x 169 x 218mm

328 x 172 x 220mm

355 x 176 x 189mm

522 x 238 x 220mm


IMPORTANT!!  Installation of any LiFePO4 lithium battery is possible in most motorhomes, campervans and boats that use lead-acid leisure / auxiliary batteries. However, if the battery is to work efficiently and safely for its estimated lifetime, it's essential that it is installed correctly. This means that the charging voltages of the alternator, the mains charger and a solar panel - if fitted - are appropriate for the battery. If they are not, the battery can be quickly damaged.


If the vehicle is fitted with a "smart alternator", it will be necessary to fit a suitable battery to battery (DC-DC) charger as well.

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