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Maxview Roam
Ideal for general, light users of the internet. This Router is Maxview’ s standard, popular, entry level solution and comes in a lightweight, compact size.

·        4G

·        CAT4 Max Speed 150mps

·        X1 Sim Slot

·        Up to 50users/Devices

Maxview Roam X
Ideal for heavy users of the internet wanting to get the most out of 4G signals. Up to double the speeds of Maxview ‘s standard Roam 4G Router

·        4G

·        CAT6 Max Speed 300mps

·        X2 Sim Slot

·        Up to 100users/Devices 

Maxview Roam 5G – 4X4 MIMO
Ultimate solution for very heavy users of the internet using the most up to date 5G technology and available services. Subject to 5G coverage.

·        4G / 5G

·        CAT20 Max Speed 3.36Gbps

·        X2 Sim Slot

·        Up to 150users/Devices


Internet Connection on the Move

Internet connection, especially whilst travelling, is often relied on for checking the weather, researching places to stay, visit and eat. Keeping up to date with family and friends through social media and emails to simply keeping the kids entertained on journeys and rainy days. The internet has fast become a necessity to our daily lives.

Smartphones and other devices can provide access to these services but for many can prove unreliable for coverage and speeds required.

People with Smart TV’s at home often wish to transfer the same viewing experiences into their vehicle so when they are away from home, they don’t miss their favourite Netflix series, they can watch their favourite film on Prime video or can simply catch up on the weekly soaps or favourite TV programme at a convenient time via BBC iPlayer or ITV HUB.

The Problem...

Poor 3G/4G/5G and Wi-Fi signal on your travels?

Internet connection on your adventure can often be disappointing and intermittent. Often the 3G/4G/5G signal on your phone is weak or even non-existent as you venture further into remote and rural locations.

Even with the campsite Wi-Fi the bandwidth can become congested with many like-minded users. The result is a poor and slow connection and often just browsing the internet is a chore and streaming your favourite TV show is not even an option.

The Solution...

Maxview Roam, a powerful mobile 3G/4G/5G and Wi-Fi solution...

The Maxview Roams use a powerful external roof mounted antenna and an internal powerful router.

The solution is a reliable and secure Wi-Fi hotspot for your vehicle. The Maxview solution is unique as the Roam helps you get better internet in two ways.

1. 3G/4G/5G Signal

The Roam is primarily designed and optimised to use 3G/4G/5G mobile data in order to create a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot. Using the powerful Roam Antenna, it can often pick up usable 3G, 4G, 5G signals where your phone can’t.

2. Wi-Fi Source

Where a direct Wi-Fi source is available, the Roam can also be used to connect to an existing Wi-Fi hotspot. This secondary function ensures SIM card data is only used when necessary.

Either way the Maxview Roam has you covered to maximise your internet connection on your adventure.

Perfect for you!

We have a range of Roam Systems to ensure we have the perfect system depending on your usage, application and budget.

Whichever option you choose you will receive a free Broadband Go 5GB SIM Card, 2 year guarantee and full UK customer support.

Switch between functions with our free easy to use Roam App

*Wi-Fi sources that require connectivity through a Captive Portal are not supported.

Choose a SIM Card package

The Roam models are designed to work with any data service provider, so you are free to use whatever network works best for you! You can use your provider if you already have one in place alternatively if you are choosing a network provider for your Roam it’s worth considering coverage for intended travel alongside the best deals and usage. If you travel to Scotland, EE’s coverage is regarded superior, whilst Vodafone proves popular for those travelling into Europe. The Three network is generally considered to offer competitive deals.

Please check limitations of your network provider and Data SIM, especially when travelling abroad,

the number of days abroad, usage, restrictions, and roaming charges. It is always a good idea, when travelling abroad to carry a spare SIM which doesn’t have a shelf life or expire if not used.

Free 5GB loaded SIM Card with every Roam!*

Maxview have partnered with Broadband Go to provide a free, multi-network SIM Card with your new Roam Mobile Internet product. The SIM picks up the best network provider depending on your location maintaining your connection even more effectively.

Your 5GB of FREE data is equivalent to 10 hours of TV streaming, 15 hours of video chat or 100 hours of music.

BroadbandGo Benefits

• Works in UK and Europe • Manage your account and usage in the BBGo app • No contracts

Please Note:
The Broadband Go SIM Card is provided with no obligation and no purchase necessary. If you do not wish to use it, simply remove it from your router. Furthermore, there is no commitment to sign up for a Broadband Go package even if you do choose to use the 5GB of free data. 

Roam - Free App

App control for the Roam provides simplified use of key features. Easy Set Up,

Download the Free Maxview Roam App from the App Store. Get step-by-step

instructions in the Roam app. Start connecting to the internet.

What is a captive portal?

A Captive Portal is the term used when a public Wi-Fi source redirects the user to a webpage before they can gain access to the internet. This page usually requires the user to input details such as an

email address and accept terms of use. Wi-Fi sources requiring use of a Captive Portal are not supported by the Maxview Roam and therefore cannot be used as an internet source.


Router Features

Maxview Roam Router
Ideal for general, light users of the internet. This Router is our standard, popular, entry level solution and comes in a lightweight, compact size.

Wi-Fi – SISO:                      802.11.b/g/n/ - 2.4GHz

Speed:                                 4G, CAT4, Max Speed 150Mbps

Sim Slots:                           1

Ethernet (RJ45) Slots:     2

Devices/Users:                  50

Weight:                              125kg

Dimensions:                      W: 115mm D: 25mm H: 240mm (Height includes Wi-Fi Antennas)

Maxview Roam X Router
Ideal for heavy users of the internet wanting to get the most out of 4G signals. Up to double the speeds of our standard 4G Router. 

Wi-Fi – MU-MIMO:          802.11.b/g/n/ - 2.4Ghz - 5GHz

Speed:                                 4G, CAT6, Max Speed 300Mbps

Sim Slots:                           2

Ethernet (RJ45) Slots:     4

Devices/Users:                  100

Weight:                              550kg

Dimensions:                      W: 115mm D: 45mm H: 270mm (Height includes Wi-Fi Antennas) 

Maxview Roam 5G Router
Ultimate solution for very heavy users of the internet using the most up to date 5G technology and available services. Subject to 5G coverage 

Wi-Fi – MU-MIMO:          802.11.b/g/n/ - 2.4Ghz - 5GHz

Speed:                                 4G / 5G, CAT20, Max Speed 3.3Gbps

Sim Slots:                           2

Ethernet (RJ45) Slots:     5

Devices/Users:                  150

Weight:                              577kg

Dimensions:                      W: 132mm D: 45mm H: 270mm (Height includes Wi-Fi Antennas)

Antenna Features

Sleek Antenna Design
Low profile and streamline design for roof mounting; occupies a small roof space for a discrete installation. It can be mounted in almost any position with mounting options available.

By receiving signals throughout 360 degrees, the Roam requires no manual directional adjustment, simply fit and forget.

Powerful Antenna
Our powerful roof mount antenna has been designed specifically for vehicles and optimised to work in rural and remote locations.

5G Antenna
The Roam Antenna (not all routers) are compatible with all 5G frequency bands as standard, for a convenient future upgrade if and when required (dependant on model).

Reliable Data Transfer
SMA cable with twist on connectors as standard.

Static and Mobile Connectivity
Providing connectivity when stationary and whilst on the move.

Choice of colour
We offer our Roam Campervan Antenna in white or grey.


Maxview 5G 4X4 Antenna Explained
With 4 data streams the 4x4 MIMO Antenna can increase 4G & 5G speeds by up to 100% compared to a typical 2x2 MIMO antenna.

This makes the 4x4 MIMO Antenna the perfect partner for the Roam 5G Router.

Please note:
The 4x4 MIMO Antenna comes with 4 x SMA Cables. Where, as a typical 2x2 MIMO Antenna comes complete with 2 SMA cables as standard.

MIMO stands for Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output.

Antenna Specifications 

Type:                                   Omni-directional MIMO (multiple in/out)

Frequency/Gain:              698-6000 MHz/5.9dBi -8.8dBi.

 Includes all 3G, 4G and 5G frequencies

Connector Type:              SMA

Impedance:                       50 Ohm

Power:                                Passive

Housing:                             Aluminium Base. UV Stable ASA Cover

Dimensions:                       W: 180mm D: 70mm H: 60m


Maxview Offers:

·        Free lifetime app updates

·        Free Broadband Go 5GB SIM Card

·        Full UK customer service support

·        Quality components

·        2-year guarantee

·        Designed in the UK

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