Gas it - 20/25/30ltr Under slung Refillable Gas Tanks (Fiat/Peugeot/Citroen)

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GAS IT range of vehicle specific LPG vapour tank kits, cover most brands and makes of Motorhome and Panel van manufactures.

The mounting brackets and tank systems are available for all ages of Fiat/Peugeot/Citroen Motorhomes and Fiat/Peugeot/Citroen Panel Vans, and these GAS IT designed LPG / Autogas tank systems are specifically designed and tested to work with GAS IT vapour tanks for running domestic appliances within your Motorhome.

All GAS IT tanks and mounting systems for all makes of Motorhomes are deigned to be quick, easy to install and very safe.

If your wanting to fit a gas tank as a retrofit item to an already converted motorhome, then this is the gas tank mounting system for you.

GAS IT’s in house developed OEM specification GAS IT tank system has been designed to locate the 20/25/30 ltr GAS IT tank in the centre of the vehicle - between the exhaust & hand brake cable pivot, with the gas tank running left to right, which is where 99% of the UK Motorhome manufacturers who fit the GAS IT tanks fix theirs.

The GAS IT Chassis brackets for retrofit installations, don't require insulated floors to be cut or modified as they bolt directly through the cross members which then allow our quick install feeted GAS IT tank to be fixed to the vehicle. The feeted gas tank allow 1 man installation, and quick and easy removal should you need to in the future.   All fixings to bolt the tank mounting frame to the vehicle, and the GAS IT tank to the mounting system are also provided.

On completion, your installation will not only comply with the relevant road vehicle gas tank mounting regulations for the UK and Europe, EN1949, R67, NCC C.o.P. 306 but it will exceed their technical requirements. 

As all GAS IT tanks are fitted with automatic excess flow valves in the inlet and outlets of the tank, It complies with the EN1949 regulations which states you do not need to fit a crash sensing regulator to run your gas whilst moving (assuming your gas appliance system its approved to be used whilst vehicle is in motion.)



30Ltr Tank

25Ltr Tank

20Ltr Tank

Tank Diameter (not including valve box)




Tank Length




Black Valve Box Size (To be added to overall Tank diameter)




Water Capacity




Maximum Gas Capacity at 80% fill

24 ltrs

20 ltrs

16 ltrs

Gas Weight at 80% fill

12 kg




Please note the diameter quoted is the size of the tank only and does not include the extra size of the valve box on the side as seen in the picture.  All sizes are approximate.


The GAS IT OEM specification gas tank kit comes complete with:-

1x 20/25/30Ltr GAS IT fully valved tank with black powder coated airbox & factory fixed mounted feet.
1x Set of Heavy duty vehicle specific chassis mounting brackets.
1x Chassis bracket fitting kit - M10 ISO bolts, washers, nuts, chassis tube.
1x OEM R67 approved high pressure filler hose.
1x SS hose to Regulator.
1x Body mount fill point system -  Black or White Fill box & fill point.
1x Fill box OEM protector ring.
1x LED Contents Display
3x Filler Adapters for Europe
1 x LPG Safety Sticker for LPG tanks.


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