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Three Data SIM – 24GB Preloaded valid for up to 24 Months in the UK & Europe

The SIM card comes pre loaded with 24GB of data which is valid for up to 24 months. The SIM card starts from the day you insert the card into your device, this means that whatever comes first – you use 24GB of data or the 2 years elapses.



Maximum of 60 days abroad within a 120 day rolling period. Maximum of 15GB of data to be consumed per 30 days. Three is restricted to a number of roaming partners and 3G only when abroad. If you are looking to carry out high data intensive tasks (such as TV / streaming) we would recommend EE or Vodafone. Contact us for more information.


Therefore, our advice would be to prepare for the terms and conditions to be enforced at 2 months by carrying spare SIM cards (which do not have a shelf life or expire if not used).


If you are looking to use this SIM card abroad with a MiFi or 4G router, be sure to read your instructions on how to enable roaming on your device before travelling outside of the UK.


Three™ is a registered trademark.

Please note: SIM Cards are non-returnable or refundable.

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