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The Remora 40 is a portable suction mount satellite kit designed to receive satellite TV for people on the move. A manual satellite system which uses a unique dual suction mount to offer complete flexibility within a compact 40cm dish package. Combining a range of innovative features, the Remora 40 has been designed in-house to simplify the assembly and alignment process for effortless set-up and take-down time. The Remora 40 is the ideal satellite for easy, temporary attachment to any flat surface on your vehicle.


Easy Set Up - 3 part design requires no tools to assemble or dissemble

High Strength Dual Suction Mount - Allows for quick, secure & non-permanent fitting to most flat, vertical surfaces.

Level Indicator - Aids a quicker, more accurate setup & elevation reading

Elevation Adjustment - Lets the user easily set the antenna elevation to a high level of accuracy.

Security Fixing Point - Gives peace of mind security of the satellite system.

Rotation Lock - Fixes the system into place once satellite signal has been acquired.

Storage Bag - Custom designed storage and carry case has a reinforced, padded base, three separate storage
compartments and durable carry handle for ease of transport and secure storage when not in use.

Quick Release Lever - Two built in quick release levers for easy mount & dismount.

5m Flexible Cable - Makes it easier to route to your satellite receiver.

40cm Satellite Dish - High performance dish maximises satellite signal in dish footprint.


Innovative Design

2 Year Guarantee

Designed for Outdoor Use

Design and Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Compatibility:Transmissions from satellites worldwide (UK/European satellites as standard)
Power:Passive. LNB powered through Coaxial cable from satellite receiver. No separate power supply required
Dish Size:40cm (actual 36w x 38h)
Dish Acceptance Angle:Azimuth; 6° / Elevation 8° (drop out at 72dBuV / AST2 = 81dBuV typical signal)
Elevation Range:10° to 50°
Skew Adjustment:Manual -30° to +30°
Azimuth Range:160°
LNB:Single or Twin Universal LO 10.7 - 12.75

Remora Satellite System
5m Flexible Coaxial Cable 
Satellite Compass
Elevation Map
Storage Bag

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